PanhellenicWomen in Entertainment

Erin Andrews, sportscaster and TV host

Elizabeth Banks, actress, director, writer, and producer

Kathy Bates, actress and director

Joy Behar, TV host, comedian, actress, and writer

Beth Bricklell, actress

Sabrina Bryan, singer & actress

Betty Buckley, Tony Award-winning actress

Sophia Bush, actress

Kate Capshaw, actress

Dixie Carter, actress

Kristin Chenoweth, Broadway singer & actress

Shirley Christian, Pulitzer Prize winner

Rita Coolidge, singer and songwriter

Katie Couric, journalist, producer, and author

Cheryl Crow, singer and songwriter

Faith Daniels, broadcast news anchor, reporter, and host

JoAnna Garcia, actress

Jennifer Garner, actress

Demetra George, opera singer

Amy Grant, singer

Cathy Guisewhite, cartoonist

Baily Hanks, Broadway actress

Mariska Hargitay, actress

Florence Henderson, actress

Ashley Judd, actress

Lucy Liu, actress

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, actress

Ann-Margret, actress

Rue McClanahan, actress

Bette Midler, Broadway and film singer & actress
Donnna Mills, actress

Jeannine Romer Morrison, concert pianist

Kelli O'Hara, Broadway actress

Michelle Pfeiffer, actress

Elizabeth Pitcairn, concert violinist on which the film The Red Violin was based

Christy Carlson Romano, actress

Catt Sadler, TV news reporter

Molly Sims, fashion model and actress

Carrie Underwood, Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer

Kimberly Williams-Paisley, actress, writer, director

Betty White, Emmy award-winning actress

Panhellenic Women in Science, Medicine & Aviation

Dr. Joann Boughman, geneticist,

Dr. Sophie DeAberle Brophy, specialist in Indian affairs

Edris Rice-Wray Carson, M.D. pubic health doctor

Julie Clark, veteran pilot and air show performer

Laurel Clark, NASA astronaut on the Columbia space shuttle

Edith Schwartz Clements, botanist

Rita Colwell, Director, National Science Foundation

Jan Davis, NASA astronaut

Dr. Gladys Henry Dick, co-discoverer, test for scarlet fever and the anti-toxin used in its treatment

Bonnie Dunbar, astronaut

Dr. Marion Fay, first woman president of a medical college

Anna Fisher, astronaut

Dian Fossey, pioneer zoologist

Eilene Slack Galloway, Lifetime Achievement Award recipiant from the Int'l Institute of Space Law
& from Women in Aerospace

Judy Graham-Weaver, manager of public relations for AirTran Airways

Dr. Jessie Gray, 1st Woman elected-the Royal Academy of Surgeons-Canada

Mary Kathryn Hammock, neurosurgeon

Susan Helms, astronaut

Carolyn Huntoon, astronaut

Ann Bigby McFarren, lobbyist and public advocate for programs in reporductive health

Jerrie Mock, first woman to successfully fly solo around the world

Julia Morgan, architect

Dr. Valerie Neal, curator, Smithsonian Institution

Judith Resnik, astronaut

Margaret Rhea Seddon, mission specialist for NASA

Donna Shirley, Mars projecct manager, NASA

Mary Ellen Weber, astronaut & chemical engineer

Wanda Bash Whitsitt, founder of LifeLine Pilots

Dr. Edith Williams, veterinarian


Panhellenic Women in Business

Sara Blakely, Founder, Spanx

Gloria Cohen, international president Women's League Conservative Judaism

Tammy McClain Cohen, owner and founder of Infomart

Karen C. Francis, former marketing vice president, CEO and chairman, currently consultant

Linda Funk, Executive director of The Soyfoods Council

Paula Garrison, founder, National Sleepwear

Verna Kay Gibson, first female CEO of a Fortune 500 Company

Shelley Greene George, owner of Shelley George Bridal Footwear

Katherine Hoffman Haley, noted business woman and rancher

Jandy Thompson Hegy, vice president of John Bowles Company

Betsy Holden, CEO, Kraft Foods

Susan Kinder, president, Americnan Express, Travelers' Cheques

June Kummer, co-owner, Adam's Mark Hotels

Deborah Lippmann, celebirty manicurist and nail expert with her own line called the Lippmann Collection.

Alice Sheets Marriott, co-founder, Marriott Corp.

Jennifer Biddulph Maxwell, co=creator, the Power Bar

Pat Mitchell, president, PBS

Ann Moore, chairman and CEO of Time, Inc.

Elisa Lee Morgan, presiddent/CEO, MOPS International, Inc.

Janet Murguia, president/CEO of National Council of La Raza

Anita Morris Pearlman, founder, B'nai Brith Girls

Ann Potter Person, founder, Stretch and Sew

Lisa Rawlins, senior v.p. of studio and production affairs at Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

Norma Tittle Rist, president of Norma J. Rist, CEO Consulting, Inc.

Julee Rosso, founded Silver Palate gourmet food shop and author

Phyllis Snyder, president Natiional Council of Jewish Women

Donna Wolf Steigerwaldt, former president of Jockey International

Joanne Ulnick, CEO of Ducker Worldwide

Patricia Pulliam Upton, president/Chirman, AROMATIQUE

Barbara Ann Weinstein, CEO Family Central

Donna Wolfe, president, Jockey Inc.

Andrea Wong, former President/CEO of Lifetime Television


Panhellenic Women in Philanthropy

Betty Stanley Beene, president/CEO, United Way of America

Carol Bellamy, executive director, UNICEF

Nancy Goodman Brinker, founder, Susan G. Komen Foundation

Lynne Vincent Cheney, served as Chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities and author

Lee Ducat, founder, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

Elizabeth Meyer Glazer, founder, Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Dr. Ruth Hartgraves, president, American Women's Association

Susan Lacek, founder, Faith's Lodge

Tara Lawrence, founder, "Hats Off for Cancer"

Cindy Hensley McCain, philanthropist

Pat Mitchell, president, PBS

Donna Stone Pesch, founder/president, Prevent Child Abuse America

Mimi Halper Silbert, founder Delancey Street Foundation

Melvynne Sommers, founder, Save Our Seniors

Henrietta Szold, founder, Hadassah

Rhoda Morrow Tomasco, founder, Sunshine Kids Foundation

Margaret Moffat Toy, founder, Meals-on-Whelels

Susan Bernstein Zeegan, founder. Pediatric AIDS Foundation


Panhellenic Women in Fashion and Design

Katherine Baumann, designer of jewelry and wearable art and owner of Katherine Baumann Beverly Hills

Bridget Ryan Berman, Retail Group President, Polo Ralph Lauren

Tory Burch, designer and philanthropist

Sheree Clark, founder and co-owner of Sayles Graphic Design

Julia "Judy" Morton Cole, fabric and fashion designer

Edith Head, Emmy and Oscar winning costume designer

Mary Lou Imparato, fashion journalist/editor, author

Betsey Johnson, designer

Patricia Miller, co-owner/president, Vera Bradley Designs

Kate Spade, designer

Ruth Whitney, former Editor in Chief, Glamour Magazine


Panhellenic Women in Law, Government and Military Service

Gracia Backer, Missour State House of Representatives

Barbara Levy Boxer, US Senator

Margaret A. Brewer, Brigadier General, Marine Corps

Jocelyn Burdick, US Senator

Barbara Bush, First Lady

Laura Welch Bush, First Lady

Shelley Moore Capito, US House of Representatives

Jean Carnahan, US Senator

Beth Chapman, Alabama Secretary of State

Lynne Cheney, former second lady of the USA, author, and scholar

Martha Layne Collins, Governor of Kentucky

Grace Goodhue Coolidge, First Lady

Kristin Corrado, former New Jersey State Senator

Elizabeth Dole, US Senator

Marianne Blackburn Drew, Rear Admiral, Navy

Terry Walter Gabreski, Bridadier General, Air Force

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Justice, US Supreme Court

Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States

Shirley Mount Hufstedler, Former Secreatry of Education

Karen Hughes, Presidential Spokesperson

Kay Bailey Hutchison, US Senator

Nancy Landon Kassebaum, US Senator

Yvonne Kauger, Chief Justice, Oklahoma Supreme Court

Mary Landrieu, US Senator

Blanche Lambert Lincoln, US Senator

Teresa Lubbers, former Indiana State Senator

Deborah Platt Majoras, former Chairwoman of the Federal Trade Commission

Bessie Margolin, US Labor Department Appeals Attorney

Ivy Baker Priest, former United States Treasurer

Dr. Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State

Mary Rhodes Russell, Justice of Supreme Court of Missouri

Evett Simmons, attorney, and first woman appointed by The Florida Bar to the Judicial Qualifications Commission

Annette Greenfield Strauss, philanthropist, and former Mayor of Dallas

Elizabeth Warren, senior US Senator, and former law professor


Panhellenic Women: Influential in History

Eva Bertrand Adams, former Director of the first US Mint

Mary Ritter Beard, womens right activist and first historian to write about the roles of women play in society

Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, first female Governor of Louisiana

Pearl S. Buck, Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize winning novelist

Carol Laise Bunker, US Ambassador to Nepal (1966-1973), first woman Director General, Foreign Service

Carrie Chapman Catt, suffragist & founder of the National League of Women Voters

Georgia Neese Clark, first woman Treasurer of the United States
Dr. Linda Hawes Cleaver, first woman Governor
Mary Roberts Coolige, first woman to gain a full-time academic position in sociology
Mary Gladwin, Red Cross nurse who served in 3 wars (1898-1919), decorated by the US, Russian,
Japanese & Serbian governments

Claudia Kennedy, first woman to reach the rank of three-star general in the US Army

Susan M. Kinsbury, sociologist and first director of Bryn Mawr's Graduate School of Social work

Harper Lee, Pulitzer Prize winning novelist

Anna Marion MacLean, first to receive Ph.M. from the University of Chicago (1897),
a founding member of Asssociation of Collegiate Alumnae

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, philanthropist, and former actress

Virginia Dill McCarty, former US Attorney General

Geraldine "Jerrie" Frednitz Mock, first women to successfully fly solo around the world

Betty Montgomery, former Ohio State Auditor, and the first woman Ohio Attorney General

Clelia Duel Mosher, pioneer researcher in the subject of married women and sexuality

Mary Jane Ridpath, administrator in Indiana schools (1875)

Margaret Chase Smith, first female U.S. Senator

Julia Warner Snow, botany instructor and first to teach bacteriology at Smith College in 1902

Katherine Towle, first woman appointed Director of Women Marines

Margaret Floy Washburn, first woman to receive a Ph.D. in Psychology


Panhellenic Women in Education and Athletics

Marinell Ash, BBC Educational Producer

Josefina Castillo Baltodano, president of Marian College

Jahnae Harper Barnett, first womanPpresident of William Woods University

Gayle S. Barron, winner of the Boston Marathon 1978, and Sports Hall of Fame inductee

Barbara Aronstein Black, former dean, Columbia Law School

Jean M. Buckley, president/CEO Future Business Leaders of America

Lily Bess Campbell, Renaissance litrature scholar and revered UCLA English professor (1922-1950)

Dr. Joy Garrison Cauffman, professor Emerita, University of Southern California

Ruth Colvin, founder and president Literacy Volunteers of America

Ada Louise Comstock, presient, Radcliffe College

Danielle Donehew, vice presient of WNBA team

Peggy Gordon Elliott, president, South Dakota State University

Nancy Newman Eustis, special Asst. for Disability and Aging Policy to the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation

Dr. Deborah Floyd, president Emerita, Prestonsbury Community College, Kentuchy

Janis Mackey Frayer, 2008 Olympian swimmer

Maddie Gardner, two-time gold medalist at the All-Star Cheer-Leading World Championship

Doris Kearns Goodwin, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, presidential historian, journalist, and political commentator

Patricia Albjerg Graham, dean of Graduate Education, Harvard University

Dr. Marsha Guenzier-Stevens, director of activities & associate Director of the Stamp Student Union

Anna McCune Harper, professional tennis player

Anna Rose Hawes, dean, Mills College, AAUW National President

Betty Jacka, president, National Merit Scholarship Corporation

Maria Leionard, founder, National Scholastic Honorary Society

Frances Lucas-Taucher, president, Millsaps College

Isador Gilbert Mudgem, author of library reference services

Ibis Del Mar Nieves, competitor and cast member of MTV's Road Rules Challengers

Sandra Palmer, professional golfer

Iva Lowther Peters, sociologist

Kathryn Sisson Philips, organized the National Association of Deans of Women, and was its 1st president

Mary Ross Potter, former dean of women at Northwestern University

Dr. Shirley Raines, president, The University of Memphis

Patsy Bostick Reed, chancellor, University of North Carolina at Asheville

Clyda Stokes Rent, president, Mississippi University for Women

Kayla Mays Stroup, Missouri State Commissioner of Higher Education

Kerri Strug, 2 time Olympic medalist and 3 time world champion medalist gymnast

Nancy L. Zimpher, president, Univesity of Cincinnati